Long lost traveller – Gold Vermeil

Legend of Saint Christopher

Saint Christopher is viewed by several Christian denominations as a martyr killed in the 3rd-century. There are several legends about Saint Christopher, including the one in which he was crossing a river when a child asked to be carried across. When Christopher held the child he found the child was unbelievably heavy. The child, according to the legend, was Christ carrying the weight of the whole world. This was what made Christopher patron saint of travellers.


St Christopher is seen as the protector of those who embark on journeys. Whether or not you are about to embark on an adventure, our St Christopher necklaces pay homage to this Saint in a simple, elegant way.


Excellent for everyday wear, Whether you’re displaying your faith, or want to give a loved one a good luck token for their travels, our St Christopher necklaces will keep the spirit of this Saint close at all times.


This Modern twist on the patron saint of travellers pendant is made from 925 Sterling Silver and 18CT yellow gold plated on top with Japanese Kintsugi repair style inspired black onyx setting.


Chain length : 600mm with a option to wear it at 500mm length. Lobster clasp fastening.





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