Armour Ring – Gold

Why You So Wild Crocodile is a jewellery collection that represents what it is to be young, wild, reckless and free. The crocodile is a law unto itself, going where it pleases and doing what it wants, when it wants. It’s this freedom that inspired the collection.

A stunning statement double-ring featuring the open jaws of the crocodile and detailed with it’s armour-like scales. The ring covers two sections of the finger and has an Onyx hinge for the wearer’s comfort and ease of movement. A dramatic, brilliant dress ring that covers 2 sections of the finger moveable through a robust Onyx hinge for safe & comfortable wearing.

A strong statement piece, sure to capture the attention of any onlooker. Available in high-gloss 925 Sterling Silver with 18 Carat Yellow Plating.

*Bespoke ring sizes are available on Request

£ 280.00

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